Why choose shared aircraft ownership?
Southlake Air enables you to leverage all of the benefits of shared aircraft ownership at a fraction of the cost. Choose the aircraft that best suits your needs and manage your valuable time and that of your employees more effectively, while you take your company to the next level. Take advantage of limitless destinations not available with commercial flights, plus enjoy the benefits of private in-flight meetings.
  • Optimize your schedule
  • Use our pilots or fly yourself
  • Land at over 5,000 locations in the United States
  • We are here for you and only a call away


Our People

Brian Horgash
Brian is an Airline Transport Pilot and a Certified Flight Instructor. He learned to fly at Indiana State University, graduating with a BS degree in Aviation Science. He also serves as the Assistant Chief Flight Instructor at Griffith Aviation. He has experience operating many different types of general aviation aircraft.

Sandra Patino
Sandra graduated from Purdue University with a BS in Aviation Management. She learned to fly at Louisville’s Bowman Field Airport and is a Private Pilot. Her experience ranges from planning and coordination to marketing and sales support.